Bathroom Sconce

Despite the fact that electricity changed completely the way light was used at the end of the 19th century, sconces didn’t really disappear. In fact, now that electricity is an everyday convience and we have created new materials and designs for lambs and light bulbs, many manufacturers are selling sconces once again.

However, this time, sconces aren’t used as the main lighting source of a room, although they can and do emit light. Instead, sconces are used mostly for decoration; and in places and situations where a soft light is preferred.

One such place is the bathroom. While there is usually a main source of light, one or two bathroom sconces are a great addition to any bathroom.

First of all, a bathroom sconce looks much better than any other option. And since they are fixed on the wall, they won’t take much space, nor will you have to move them to another place, like you would with a lamp, because of clutter.

Also, there are hundreds of different colors and designs, so you’ll definitely find a bathroom sconce that’ll match the style and color of your bathroom. In addition to their styles and designs, bathroom sconces come with different types of power. Some of them can be wired to the electrical system of your house. Others come with a cord that you can plug to a nearby socket. And there are some that are powered by battery, which are the best to install if you have small children, as they don’t carry the risk of giving your children an electrical shock by accident.

One of the most common locations of bathroom sconces is right next to the mirror. While the light of a bathroom sconce isn’t as bright as the one on the ceiling, it can be aimed directly at the face, which makes looking at oneself in the mirror much easier. The ceiling light, while brighter, will light only the back of the head.

Another good place to install a bathroom sconce is next to the first aid kit or the medicine cabinet. It’ll make it much easier to read the name of the medicine in the package or to see if the expiration date of some medicine has passed already, while allowing you to keep the light low (for those late night excursions!).

In conclusion, bathroom sconces are cheap and effective ways to decorate your bathroom and give it some lighting in places where you really need it.