Candle Wall Sconces

Candle Wall Sconces – Create a unique lighting evnironment using candle wall sconces

Ever since electricity was “invented”, candle wall sconces began losing their role as the main source of light in people’s homes.

Before electricity, candle wall sconces were used for ages. Since they used fire to create their light, they were installed on walls where they could easily be lit. Nowadays, however,  light bulbs are installed on ceilings, where they can distribute their light to the whole room more efficiently.  In addition, we don’t have to light them to them to turn them on.  We use switches conveniently placed on walls near the room entrance.

Nevertheless, candle wall sconces never disappeared. Today, they are still used in some houses, but not as the main form of light.  Rather, they are used today as a decoration that’s also a symbol of tradition and class.  The candle wall sconces are also the perfect way to create a romantic mood in or out of the bedroom.

Because they’re used mainly as decorations, the type, size and form of candle wall sconces have to match the style of the room. They look their best with a wooden base and black iron or steel extensions, specially if the room they are in has a lot of wood as well. Of course, that’s not the only style and it all depends on your taste. For example, more modern styles are often used in new age rooms.

As with everything that involves fire, safety should be carefully considered when dealing with candle wall sconces. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby (and out of sight, of course). Also, it is better if you get candle wall sconces that include a glass container to place the candle inside. That will keep sparks from flying, and it will also keep air currents from blowing off the fire in the candle. And of course, don’t put any flammable objects right under the candle wall sconces.  Finally, make sure that any fire alarms and water sprinklers can’t be triggered by the candle wall sconces. It really ruins the romantic mood when you want to establish a mood for your romantic partner only to be soaked by the water sprinklers.

By knowing and adhereing to these basic safety rules, you can assure that your candle wall sconces will make your room beautiful without causing any damage.  They are also very versatile, so following the rules shouldn’t be a problem.  Candle wall sconces aren’t limited to location due to wiring concerns, so they can be installed just about anywhere.  Good luck!