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A Simple Guide To Drop Ceiling Installation

A simple guide to drop ceiling installation

Installing a drop ceiling in your home is one of the easiest remodeling projects that you can handle yourself without spending much on materials and labor. There are many types of drop ceiling panels/tiles that are available in the market today to suit your preferences and home décor. Drop ceiling installation is becoming more and more popular among homeowners who want to remodel their homes. They are cost-efficient, convenient and allow easy access to overhead materials such as plumbing pipes and electric cords and cables.

Drop ceiling installation can be done in a step-by-step manner without using specialized tools and enlisting professional help. You can get various ceiling packages from different manufacturers. They also come with installation instructions which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but not significantly as installing a drop ceiling is a pretty basic procedure.  Using a simple guide to drop ceiling installation will make the process painless.

Drop ceiling installation is composed of two things; metal grids and panels. Once you have taken the exact measurement of your ceiling you will know how many panels you need to install a drop ceiling in your home. You can either get this information from the store clerk or you can calculate it yourself.  You can also find out from an online drop ceiling tile calculator.

Next you need to choose the pattern in which you want to lay your panels. A reverse pattern will give a completely different look than the standard pattern. The package will have an L-shaped perimeter, bracket or molding which needs to be setup against the walls. Then you need to install the long stringers hanging from the molding. Install them every 4 ft across the room. The ends of these stringers are attached to the moldings on the wall and everything in between is suspended with wires that are attached to the joists.

After this procedure is done you will secure the cross tees that are installed every two feet. This will form the right sized grid needed to fit the 2×4 ceiling panels. If you want to fit 2×2 panels, an additional set of connectors can be installed to divide each of the 2×4 areas.

Once you are done installing the grid, all you need to do is fit in the panels in the grid. These panels fit in perfectly so this job is pretty quick and easy.

If you plan to have lighting fixtures above the ceiling then make sure you fix them before you start your work with drop ceiling installation. Leave at least a 6 inch space between the suspended and the original ceiling.

That’s all there is to it, a simple guide to drop ceiling installation.