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Window Sill Replacement

While we might rein ourselves in when it comes to spending for some luxuries or things we like, most of us want the best we can get for our personal surroundings. That’s why our houses and the way we keep them are so important. In fact, some psychologists claim they can tell a lot about us by looking at the place we live.

In any case, most of us try to keep up the maintenance to our homes in order to keep them in top condition, even if sometimes this is not easy. For example, windows can end up being very complex issues. And while replacement windows are an option for replacing the whole window, sometimes we just need to replace one part, and replacing the whole window in this case becomes financially inconvenient.

For example, a common problem in wooden framed windows is that sometimes the sill gets damaged. Window sill replacement can be quite difficult if not done properly. In fact, if you don’t have any experience with window sill replacements, you would be better off by hiring a professional that does them as part of his job. Otherwise, you risk ruining the whole window if you attempt to do a window sill replacement by yourself.

However, if you have experience with carpentry (and only if you have it), you can do it yourself. Window sill replacement requires you to substitute a wooden board with another. You can find these boards in any home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowes. It helps if you know the type of original wood used. If you don’t, you can just ask a clerk to advise you on which boards will do well for a window sill replacement.

Once you’re back in your house, just pry the old one off with one of your tools. Any strong, long metal tool will do. Afterwards, measure the old sill. Then cut the new board to the same size. You will also want to have the same form, so a jig saw might be needed for the corners that go at the bottom of the window. Once the new board is at the same size of the old one, stain it if it’s necessary for it to match the color of the old board. If you want a more polished look, you may want to sand it as well. Finally, just nail it to the frame and use wood puddy to cover the nail holes.

So, there you go: how to do a window sill replacement. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds and it requires some work, but if you have the experience, the tools, and the enthusiasm, you can do a window sill replacement by yourself.