Outdoor Fluorescent Lighting

For homes and businesses, installing outdoor fluorescent lighting makes a lot of sense. While it is more expensive than the standard incandescent fixture, there are many benefits to installing these lights outdoors. The most notable benefit is that fluorescent lighting is harder to vandalize than incandescent outdoor lights. As it is easier to protect fluorescent tubes, as well as the tubes being naturally more resistant to damage, this combination makes them ideal for outdoor use. In addition to this, waterproofing is a common feature of outdoor fluorescent lighting, which allows them to be used no matter what the weather outdoor is.

However, it is important to realize that outdoor fluorescent lighting and indoor fluorescent lighting are different. You should not use fluorescent lighting designed for indoor use outdoors. Unlike the indoor lights, the outdoor lights are designed to be exposed to moisture and natural temperature changes. In addition to this, the fixtures are also protected against the elements. This is why it is so important that you are careful to use outdoor fixtures outdoors. The risk of electric shock is very high if you attempt to wire an indoor fixture outdoors.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are intending on using outdoor fluorescent lighting. First, many of the tubes used in fluorescent lighting uses a compound called mercury. Mercury is poisonous to adults and children in high amounts, so it is important that the tubes are treated with care. While not every fluorescent light has mercury, many of them do. If you are uncertain if the fluorescent lights contain mercury, you can check the tube for a mercury symbol. Manufacturers are required to include the mercury symbol on any fluorescent that includes mercury.

When you change out your outdoor fluorescent lighting tubes, you should make certain that power is cut off to the lights. While outdoor lights are protected against moisture and temperature changes, you run risk of electric shock if you attempt to exchange the tubes while power is running to them. If you are exchanging old fluorescent tubes for new ones, ensure that you dispose of them properly to prevent any risks of mercury exposure.

Most outdoor fluorescent lighting fixtures are compatible with t12, t8 and t5 fluorescent ballasts. All fluorescent types are available in different sizes and shapes to best suit your needs. Outdoor fluorescent lighting can be purchased directly online or through a local hardware retailer.