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Basement Decorating

Simple basement decorating tricks may be all that you need to transform your storage space into usable work space. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind prior to decorating your basement. First, your basement is the most likely place to have water damage. When you are decorating downstairs, make certain that you keep all valuables away from where they may be exposed to water damage. If your basement is known for flooding and leaks, you should make the efforts to resolve these problems prior to doing any basement decorating.

Next, it is important to realize that basement decorating will not transform an unfinished basement into habitable living space. At most, you can change an unfinished basement into workspace for hobbies that involve building things, such as wood working, painting and some forms of art. Unless you go ahead with a complete remodel, you should never try to use an unfinished basement as a bedroom or entertainment area. While basement decorating can make this space more presentable, unfinished basements tend to be colder and less comfortable to be in.

However, if you quickly need to make a dry basement habitable, there are some decorating tricks that you can use to help. First, placing rugs over concrete can make a huge difference in how cozy an area becomes. The rug helps prevent the cold concrete from directly hitting the feet. While the rug will be a little chilly from the concrete beneath it, it will be much warmer and easier to walk on than the concrete. If you are intending on using rugs to help with basement decorating, large wall to wall rugs may be your best option. These are easier to deal with than carpets, which need proper installation. Depending on where you purchase the rug and the size of the room, the rugs may be cheaper than carpeting as well.

If you have concrete walls in your basement, you can decorate with wall hangings to quickly hide the plain or unattractive walls. However, hanging floor to ceiling hangings can be quite expensive, and you may wish to just paint over the surface. Painting over concrete can give an interesting texture to a wall. However, if you wish to hide the fact that it is a concrete wall, you may want to use textured painting styles, such as stucco, to mask the concrete. This can add an elegant look to your basement for a cheap price.

Do not be afraid to use bright colors in your basement. These colors can distract from the fact that your basement is incomplete and can make your rooms downstairs look more warm and inviting.