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Plantation Blinds

I am sure you have seen the latest trend in interior decoration. Also known as plantation shutters, the plantation blind is a form of furnishing that is constructed from wood or a plank and is held together by a tough frame. This is perfect for the home during summers because they can keep the area well ventilated and at same time, they offer shade so that the room is cooler.

Other parts of the world refer to plantation blinds as louvers or jalousies. You can find them in different styles, shapes and designs so that they can fit anyone’s home.  

Back in the olden times, plantation blind were normally installed in different window spaces. There are some that were used without glass. This was actually very useful during the times that the windows needed to be closed but the homeowners still wanted the air to flow to balance the temperature.

There are some shutters that use a rod when you open or close them. Today there are modern kinds that use hinges for this purpose. There is even a Plantation blind that can be folded. Some can be parted to various degrees to give more light without really blocking the entire window. They can typically be made to fit any shape of window.

The plantation blind can be made from different materials, but the most common ones that you can find are made from wood. If you love a natural look but don’t want wood, you can also find plastic plantation blinds that do a real good job of imitating wood. Another upside to going with the plastic “faux wood” plantation blinds is the ease of cleaning them.

In general, plantation blinds are a great addition to any décor.  They look great, are rugged and durable, and pretty easy to keep clean.