Wall Sconces

When people think of wall sconces, a common image in their minds is the torch bearing wall sconces that are found on stairways that lead to dungeons in the basements of ancient castles.

That idea is a product of movies and TV shows, where wall sconces are used for dramatic effect. However, there’s nothing creepy or scary about today’s wall sconces. In fact, they’re very often used to give light and image to a hall. Since a hall has to be illuminated anyway, adding wall sconces is a great way to enhance the look of it while giving it light at the same time.

There are some basic considerations and rules of thumb when installing sconces. First of all, there is the height at which they should be installed. Measure the length from the floor to the ceiling. Your sconces should be at three quarters of that distance. So, for example, if the distance between the floor and the ceiling is 4 meters, the sconces should be installed at 3 meters high.

Another good rule that keeps the number of wall sconces proportional to the size and length of the hall is to use that same distance (3 meters in the example) to separate sconces horizontally in the hall. This might not be as easy, as there might be doors or other obstacles in the way, so it’s ok if the distance is shortened or lengthened a bit. The important thing is to keep the exact same distance between every sconce in the hall.

It is also a good idea to keep the ceiling white or at least in a very clear color. Most wall sconces shoot their light upwards, avoiding a direct light to the users of the hall. It is actually the reflection of the light of the sconces that will illuminate the hall. If the ceiling is painted in a dark color, it will reduce the light of the hall.

Finally, depending on the look you want, you should decide if you want a pair to alternate one sconce on the right and one on the left of the hall, or if you want to have a pair of sconces every time. Alternate wall sconces look more sober and are better for simple halls. Pairs of sconces will give more light and will make the hall look more elaborate. Good luck in your sconce interior projects!